Italy :
Preparation for the changeover of public administrations*
Optional use of the euro during the transitional period (Status : 15 November 1997)


Sectors                                                                             Dates            Conditions or restrictions

State and public administrations:

Internal accounting in the euro                                             1/02               1/99: Summary data in euro for budget law,
                                                                                                                                                     general governmental accounts,
                                                                                                                                                      financial law, governmental forecasts and economic report
Budget in euro:                                                                   1/02

Options for enterprises and self employed:                          1/99
Establishment of a company with its capital in euro:              1/99
Redenomination of a company's capital into the euro:           1/99
Statutory reporting in euro:                                                                        Irreversibility of the choice
Other financial reporting in euro (e.g. for Bourse)                 1/99               Irreversibility of the choice
Communication of obligatory statistics in euro:                     1/99                Irreversibility of the choice
Company accounting in euro:                                              1/99

Tax declarations in euro:                                                     1/99 (1) (2) (3)       Irreversibility of the choice
Tax payments in euro:                                                         1/99 (3)                Irreversibility of the choice

Declaration of social and national insurance charges in euro: 1/99 (1) (2) (3)      Irreversibility of the choice
Payments of social and national insurance charges in euro:    1/99 (3)               Irreversibility of the choice

Fiscal audits in euro:                                                            1/99
Written proofs in euro for tax declarations:                           1/99

Options for individuals:

Tax declarations in euro:                                                      1/99 (1) (3) (4)      Irreversibility of the choice
Tax payments in euro:                                                          1/99 (3)               Irreversibility of the choice


* From the European Commission working paper "Preparation for the changeover of public administrations to the euro" SEC(97) 2384 - 16.12.1997. Ministerio del Tesoro y Bilancio <http:///>
(1 ) For fiscal year 1999
(2) For companies with accounting in euro
(3) As soon as the choice is made in a procedure concerning taxes or social charges all subsequent payments and communications
related to that procedure should be made in euro.
(4) Terms and conditions will depend on taxpayer categories.