ECU 1994/III n°28
The Single Currency - La monnaie unique


La monnaie unique : jusqu'au bout de la logique ?
Louis Reboud

The single monetary policy
José Viñals

The ECU on its way to stage III of the EMU
Christa Randzio Plath

Rôle International de la Monnaie unique
J.-F. Rigaudy

The practical preparation to the single currency
Bertrand de Maigret

The Impact of EMU on Banks' Activities
Ecu Banking Association

Phase III of EMU and European Competitiveness :why should Industry become more involved ?
Jacques Marot

La question de la monnaie unique : un point de vue bancaire
Eric Willeaume

An American view on how to prepare for the single european currency
Ralph J. Mehnert-Meland

Pourquoi la monnaie unique ? Comment ?
Christophe Bourdillon

The rapid introduction of the ecu as EMU's single currency: Is there a simple way to proceed?
André Louw

The Work of the UK Decimal Currency Board (1967-71) : Possible Lessons for the Changeover to a Common European Currency
Noel E A Moore

The implications of the adoption of the Ecu as a single currency
David G Mayes