ECU 1994/I n°26
Monetary turbulence and EMU credibility
Turbulences monétaires et crédibilité de l'UEM

Monetary turbulence and EMU credibility. Turbulences monétaires et crédibilité de l'UEM

A chronology of major developments in the EMS in 1993
Mary R. McCarthy

Evolutions des taux de change nominaux et réels des monnaies de la Communauté Européenne.
Christian Ghymers

Has Exchange Rate Uncertainty Increased in the EMS Since September 1992?
Eric Perée, Alfred Steinherr

Interaction between the Real Economy and Financial Markets: Lessons from the recent currency crisis and Implications for policy
Theodoros Papaspyrou

The Implications of the Looser ERM for French Macroeconomic Policy
Eric Girardin

Un flottement " pas comme les autres "
Albert Merlin

The Role of Financial Markets in the EMS Crisis: Implications for the Process to EMU
Prof. Dr. Peter Bofinger

Exchange Rate (In)Stability, and (In)Credible Economic Policy
Vitor Gaspar and Vitor Bento

Monetary stability: pre-condition for economic stability in the European Union
Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

What of volatility in the reformed EMS ?
P. Praet, J. Romainville

1994 - A New Start?
Graham Bishop

Le processus d'intégration européenne; défis économiques et monétaires
Jean-Luc Dehaene