the fee euro newsletter

This monthly newsletter from FEE, the European Federation of Accountants offers news and information about the euro. More information about the euro can be obtained visiting the FEE website The newsletter articles have been provided by Euro-impact. Euro-impact is a monthly newsletter on the regulatory, practical and strategic impacts of the euro for companies. More information about euro-impact can be found at Articles in this newsletter may be reproduced with acknowledgement of the source and Euro-impact.

March 2001 - Issue 1
Play safe by cashing legacy currency cross-border cheques by early next year
BASDA warns against being misled by software vendors' claims
German consumers will have access to loose euro coins late this year
France to modify date of winter sales
Belgians torn on compulsory dual price display

February 2001 - Issue 2
January 1, 2002 date for switching to the euro immutable
Usage of euro still low
Italy launches new website for business
More and more banks to convert accounts early
City not suffering by being outside euro area
‘Get ready now for euro’ Commission tells SMEs

February 2001 - Issue 1
Belgians publish final cash changeover plan
Euro unpopular with Germans and Swedes
Go further, faster, IMF tells eurozone
Beware pitfalls in mid-year payroll conversion
Post Office plans to make consumers life easier

October 2000
Commission urges action to encourage euro use
French accountants launch software to manage client changeover
Prodi wants more say for Commission over economic policy
Parliament says speed up time and lower cost of LVPs
Deutsche Bank remains upbeat on Euroland economy
French like idea of minikits

September 2000
Threat to ERM if Danes vote 'No'?
Retailers still hoping on note front-loading
Financial market integration still has a way to go
Improving cross-border retail payment services
Government's role in ensuring business is ready for the euro

August 2000
SME's must plan !
Advice to managers and their advisers
ECB sets parameters for cash changeover
Regulatory loose ends still being tied up
Call for incentives to encourage changeover
Euro has noticeable impact on bond markets

July 2000
Banks guilty of price fixing will be severely punished by the EC
Taxing savings - Deutsche Bank point out the tightness of the deadlines for agreement
Embrace E-business & the euro together – or be damned
Randzio-Plath calls for European institutions to use all available channels to communicate with business
Belgian Public Sector IT systems conversion scrutinised
France hands out euro medicine
Public unconvinced of euro-benefits in Denmark, Sweden and the UK

June 2000
Enterprises 2002 : Many businesses still do not understand what they need to do
Trading in Sterling and Euro will be available on iX
Does a strong or a weak euro impact on business in euroland ?
French tax authorities clarify when companies can re-register capital tax-free
Danish interest rates set to rise if the "No's" win the referedum
PwC regard the euro as undervalued in their May Economic Outlook

May 2000
Germany swallows cost of converting tax thresholds
Dutch government concerned business is moving too slowly
The differences between federalism and a super-state
French banks to encourage early conversion of bank accounts
Getting your euro sums right
Three national Euro Trophies schemes now under way
Ireland plans a 40-day dual circulation period
Combining the Strategies of E-Commerce and the Euro

April 2000
Goodbye to national currencies by February 2002
Only 5,000 French businesses using euro as functional currency ?
Swedes and Danes still have doubts
The pros, cons and politics of a weak euro
Minimising euro conversion mistakes
Euro bares accounting differences; what next ?

March 2000
Unanswered questions on accounting system conversion
Greece to join EMU
Swedes legislate to allow accounting in euro
French standard for four accountancy packages
A vision of Europe's e-economy
Belgian retailers want more front-loading